J. D. Sauerländer's Verlag: 2001

Volume 50 - 2001


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Screening for Resistance to Seiridium cardinale, S. cupressi, and S. unicorne Isolates in Glasshouse-grown Seedlings of Cupressaceae - By K.A. SPANOS1), A. PIRRIE2) and S. WOODWARD2)

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A Fast Method for Checking the Genetic Identity of Ramets in a Clonal Seed Orchard by RAPD Analysis with a Bulking Procedure - By S. GOTO1), F. MIYAHARA2) and Y. IDE3)

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New Genotypes Development of Populus euphratica OLIV. Using Gametoclonal Variation - By A. J. MOFIDABADI, A. JORABCHI, S. SHAHRZAD and F. MAHMODI

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Incorporating Wood Density in Breeding Programs for Softwoods in Europe: a Strategy and Associated Methods - By Ph. ROZENBERG1), A. FRANC and C. CAHALAN

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Comparison of Multivariate and Univariate Methods for the Estimation of Type B Genetic Correlations - By P. LU1)2), D. A. HUBER1) and T. L. WHITE1)

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Genetic Variation of Oaks (Quercus spp.) in Switzerland 2. Genetic Structures in “Pure” and “Mixed” Forests of Pedunculate Oak (Q. robur L.) and Sessile Oak (Q. petraea (MATT.) LIEBL.) - By R. FINKELDEY

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Age Trends of Heritabilities and Genotype-by-Environment Interactions for Growth Traits and Wood Density from Clonal Trials of Eucalyptus grandis HILL ex MAIDEN - By L. F. OSORIO1), T. L. WHITE and D. A. HUBER

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Performance of Chinese-fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata (LAMB.) HOOK.) Plantlets from Upper-crown and Basal Origins as Modified by Grafting and Development as Buried Ramets before Explant Harvest - By LI MINGHE and HUANG FAXIN

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Genetic Variation Among Paper Birch (Betula Papyrifera MARSH.) Populations in Germination, Frost Hardiness, Gas Exchange and Growth - By A. BENOWICZ1), R. GUY1), M. R. CARLSON2) and Y. A. EL-KASSABY1)3)

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Genetic Parameter Estimates for Radiata Pine in New Zealand and New South Wales: A Synthesis of Results - By K. J. S. JAYAWICKRAMA1)

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Variation in Freezing Resistance During Different Phenological Stages in Some Populus and Salix Clones: Implications for Clonal Selection - By V. TSAROUHAS 1)3), W. A. KENNEY2) and L. ZSUFFA2)

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Genetic Variability and Differentiation of Geographically Marginal Scots Pine Populations From Ukraine - By V. DVORNYK1)

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Genetic Control of Heartwood Content in Larch - By L. E. PÂQUES

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Identification of Candidate Genes For Use in Molecular Breeding – A Case Study With the Norway Spruce Defensin-like Gene, Spi 1 - By M. ELFSTRAND1)6), C. G. FOSSDAL2), G. SWEDJEMARK3), D. CLAPHAM1), O. OLSSON4), F. SITBON5), P. SHARMA2), A. LÖNNEBORG2) and S. VON ARNOLD1)

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Stability and Seed Movement for Loblolly Pine in the Western Gulf Region - By J. L. YEISER1), W. LOWE2), and J. P. VAN BUIJTENEN3)

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Development and Characterisation of Microsatellite Loci in Eucalyptus globulus (Myrtaceae) - By D. A. STEANE1), R. E. VAILLANCOURT, J. RUSSELL2), W. POWELL2), D. MARSHALL2) and B. M. POTTS

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Age-Age Correlation for Early Selection of Clones of Populus in India - By D. KUMAR1) and N. B. SINGH

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Age Trends of Heritabilities and Genotype-by-Environment Interactions for Growth Traits and Wood Density from Clonal Trials of Eucalyptus grandis HILL ex MAIDEN - By L. F. OSORIO1), T. L. WHITE and D. A. HUBER

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Allozyme Variation and Mating System of Coastal Populations of Pinus koraiensis SIEB. et ZUCC. in Russia - By V. V. POTENKO and A. V. VELIKOV

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Genetic Variation in Pinus banksiana Populations From the Sudbury (Ontario, Canada) Region - By K. K. NKONGOLO1) and W. S. GRATTON

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A Case Study of a Provenance/Progeny Test Using Trend Analysis with Correlated Errors and SAS PROC MIXED - By C. SAENZ-ROMERO1)3), E. V. NORDHEIM2), R. P. GURIES and P. M. CRUMP4)

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Interactions of Genotype with Site for Height and Stem Straightness in Pinus taeda in Zimbabwe - By D. P. GWAZE1), J. A. WOLLIAMS2), P. J. KANOWSKI3) and F. E. BRIDGWATER4)

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Analyzing Parameters of Growth and Yield Models for Chinese Fir Provenances with a Linear Mixed Model Approach - By S. TANG1), F.-R. MENG2) and CH. P.-A. BOURQUE2)

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Genetic Variation of Subalpine fir (Abies lasiocarpa (HOOK.) NUTT.) in the Olympic Mountains, WA, USA - By G. J. ETTL1)2) and D. L. PETERSON

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Genotypic and Environmental Variation of Castanea crenata x C. sativa and Castanea sativa Clones in Aptitude to Micropropagation - By M. E. MIRANDA-FONTAÍÑA and J. FERNÁNDEZ-LÓPEZ

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Testing the Conservation of Quercus spp. Microsatellites in the Cork Oak, Q. suber L. - By J. HORNERO1), F. J. GALLEGO2), I. MARTÍNEZ1) and M. TORIBIO1)

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Evaluating Efficacy of Early Testing for Stem Growth in Coastal Douglas-fir1) - By W. T. ADAMS, S. N. AITKEN2), D. G. JOYCE3), G. T. HOWE4) and J. VARGAS-HERNANDEZ5)

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Growth Performance and Genetic Divergence of Various Provenances of Dalbergia Sissoo ROXB. at Nursery Stage - By H. C. SAGTA and S. NAUTIYAL

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Genetic Divergence in Bombax ceiba L. Germplasms - By O. P. CHATURVEDI and N. PANDEY

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Genetic Analysis of Eucalyptus urophylla and E. grandis Clones Selected in Commercial Crops From the Brazilian Amazon by RAPD Markers - By J. I. MURO-ABAD, E. A. GOMES, O. N. CÂNCIO and E. F. DE ARAÚJO1)

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The New OECD Scheme for the Certification of Forest Reproductive Materials - By A. NANSON1)

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Vegetative Propagation of Mature Teak Trees (Tectona grandis L.) - By K. PALANISAMY and K. SUBRAMANIAN

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Multivariate Analysis of Allozyme and Morphometric Variability in Racosperma auriculiforme and R. mangium - By P. D. KHASA1)2), and J. BOUSQUET2)

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Predicted Drop in Gene Diversity Over Generations in the Population Where the Fertility Varies Among Individuals - By K. S. KANG1)2)4), A. D. BILA3), D. LINDGREN2) and W. Y. CHOI1)

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Effect of Storage Conditions and Seed Treatment on Germination of Cedrus deodara LOUD. and C. libani A. RICH. - By I. TAKOS1) and T. MEROU2)

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Studies on in vitro Clonal Propagation of Paulownia tomentosa STEUD. and Evaluation of Genetic Fidelity through RAPD Marker - By G. R. ROUT, G. M. REDDY1) and P. DAS

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Genetic Characters and Diameter Growth of Provenances of Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) - By M. BLUMENRÖTHER1)2), M. BACHMANN1) and G. MÜLLER-STARCK2)

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Balancing Genetic Gain and Relatedness in Seed Orchards - By T. OLSSON1) 2) 4), D. LINDGREN1), and B. LI3)

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Clonal Differences and Relations Between Diameter Growth, Stem Cracks and Fungi in a 36-year-old Clonal Seed Orchard of Norway Spruce (Picea abies (L.) KARST.) - By R. VASILIAUSKAS, E. JUS˘KA1), J. STENLID and A. VASILIAUSKAS2)

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Linkage Relationships as a Useful Tool to State Interspecific Gene Homology: Case Study with Isozyme Loci in Austrocedrus chilensis (Cupressaceae) - By M. J. PASTORINO1) and L. A. GALLO2)

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Growth and Performance of Micropropagated Hybrid Larch Clones - By V. SCHNECK1), and D. EWALD

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Quantitative Genetics of Eucalyptus globulus: Affinities of Land Race and Native Stand Localities - By G. A. LOPEZ1)2), B. M. POTTS1), G. W. DUTKOWSKI1) and J. M. RODRIGUEZ TRAVERSO2)

457 K


Parental Environment Effects on Cold Acclimation and Height Growth in Lodgepole Pine Seedlings - By R.-P. WEI1)3)4), K. LINDGREN2) and D. LINDGREN2)

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Analyses of Half-Diallel Mating Designs with Missing Crosses: Theory and SAS Program for Testing and Estimating GCA and SCA Variance Components - By H. WU and A. C. MATHESON1)

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